Welcome to Bummertown Presskit

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Quick Facts

  • Full Title: Welcome to Bummertown
  • Developer: Think Inside The Box
  • Release Date: September 11th, 2018
  • OS: Windows
  • Website: thinkinsidethebox.games
  • Price: $4.99
  • Availability: Steam Digital Download
  • Language: English
  • File Size: 450 Mb
  • Contact: hello@thinkinsidethebox.games
  • Social Media: Twitter, YouTube


About The Game

Welcome to Bummertown is an adventure genre game that incorporates classic point & click gameplay elements and mixes them with minigames, puzzles, and pinch of comedy.

Two mediocre indie game designers decided one day to make a game, but to their dismay, one of the key characters named Bedford went missing. That’s where you come in. You were hired for the sole purpose of tracking down Bedford. However, everything is not as simple as it may sound, for this world has the staple of any crummy game designer: glitches and bugs… lots and lots of glitches and bugs. Throughout your journey not only will you have to collect items, solve puzzles, and talk to colorful characters, but you’ll be also required to fix the broken, packed-with-errors town, known as Bummertown.

Welcome to Bummertown is an easy-going game that is suitable for players of any skill level.

Missing Character Poster

The designers of Bummertown have also printed out missing character posters in order to call for help to the people who may have seen Bedford or have any information as to his whereabouts.

This is the developers of Think Inside the Box writing a cry for help.
Our beloved game character, an experienced doctor and farming enthusiast, Bedford went missing. He was last seen by a woozy cow at his farm (located in the lovely place of Bummertown), raking dead rats on his porch.

– The red circle marks the spot where Bedford was last seen. Ignore the upside-down bird, it’s not a glitch, only a photographic illusion.

This is what the cow had to say:
“Yeah I saw him, standing there in front of his hut raking something. When all of a sudden the usual glitch* occurred that pushed Bedford’s rake out of his hands and into the sky. All I remember after that was Bedford’s red face, his barrage of curses, and him walking into the woods.”

*We, as the developers of the wonderful Bummertown, do not agree with said statement. There are no glitches in this town.

– The cow that saw it all (not the glitches though, as there are none).

We are searching for brave souls who are willing to go head first into what maybe a dangerous* journey.**

*In reality, it won’t actually impose any danger to the player at all.
**Technically, it’s more of a task than a journey.


If you think you have what it takes to find Bedford, then it’s likely you’ll have to do the following:

  • Collect items and use them as needed.
  • Talk to imbecilic characters.
  • T̶a̶l̶k̶ ̶t̶o̶ ̶i̶n̶t̶e̶l̶l̶i̶g̶e̶n̶t̶ ̶c̶h̶a̶r̶a̶c̶t̶e̶r̶s̶.̶
  • Solve puzzles.
  • Talk to animals.
  • Start a bar fight.
  • Search for treasure.
  • Watch an old lady dance in a bikini.

As creators of Bummertown, we can confirm that it is a magnificent place, filled with joy and happy faces everywhere you look; it’s a digital heaven. You’ll most certainly enjoy your visit. Also, there are no glitches anywhere in Bummertown, everything works fine and dandy. Yup…

In order to find Bedford, you’ll also need some information regarding his appearance:

  • Name: Dr. Bedford.
  • Weight: 30 kB.
  • Height: 28 px.
  • Width: 15 px.
  • Outline: 2 px.
  • Eyes: Black.
  • Hair: Balding, has some gray patches on the back of his head.
  • Unique signs: Smells like a combination of dirty socks and expired meat.

-Some recent photos of Bedford.






Who is Think Inside The Box?

Think Inside the Box was created in May 15th, 2018. On that day, an astronomic event that only happens once every 600 years occurred. Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, and Mars were in perfect alignment with each other, forming what is known as the Cosmic Harbinger. Of course, it had nothing to do with the creation of Think Inside the Box, since it was created by two cartonheads, who were lying on the couch and drinking beer with the idea of making unusual games that step out of the usual gaming formula.

Our glitchy office is located somewhere in the woods. After all, that’s what cardboard boxes are made of. The exact location is so secret that we don’t even know where it is.

Think Inside The Box consists of two members:

Boxhead – also known as the Crayon Wizard. At an early age, this mastermind was an unstoppable wall dauber, not a single wall was safe from this “Picasso.” After so many years he was finally able to put his crayons to more creative and constructive use. Every pixel comes alive at his touch. Also, he has a deep, unbridled passion for patio chairs.

Cartonhead –Many believe that he was born in a cave somewhere deep in the wilderness, which is actually true according to his birth certificate. For years, the only word this creature knew was “collywobble,” and it wasn’t until he joined Think Inside the Box that he learned his first language, which he constantly uses to make every tiny object move around the screen. His dictionary constantly expands, and it now consists of 54 words.



Welcome to Bummertown

Think Inside The Box